Green Supreme Food – Is It Effective? Find Out Here!

greensupremefoodThinking of trying Green Supreme Food? There are many products in the market that claim to detoxify your body and give you many other benefits. However, due to stiff competition, some have marketed their products in a way that makes them look superior to similar products in the market although the information presented may be partial truths.

The question to ask therefore is which product should you get? To know which products are genuine, you need to consider the reviews of customers who have used them and also see if it has been accredited by the relevant authorities in the field.

One of the genuine products you can find in the market is the Green Supreme Food. It is a nutritional supplement which was created by Dr.Colbert. He is an experienced doctor with over 20 years of practice. He has also been featured on BBC, Fox News, Dr Oz Show and Readers Digest among others.

Ingredients Used In Green Supreme Food

The supplement consists of organic ingredients with no preservatives. This makes it safe and healthy to use. Some of the organic ingredients used to make the supplement include:

1. Organic Fruits

These include raspberry powder, blueberry powder, cranberry powder, acerola cherry powder and apple powder.

2. Organic Pre/Probiotics

Inulin powder, L.rhamnosus, L.acidophilus, L.casei and B.longum

3. Organic Fermented Grass

Alfalfa grass, oat grass, wheat grass and barley grass. Also included are spirulina powder and chlorella powder

4. Organic Vegetables

Carrot powder, broccoli powder, beet powder, spinach powder and parsley powder.

5. Digestive Enzymes

Amylase, lipase, protease, cellulase, bromelain and lactase

There are many other organic ingredients included apart from these that are also very beneficial.

Benefits Of Green Supreme Food

Many people who have used this product were amazed at the results and they gave a positive feedback about the product as well as the results they had seen so far. Some of these benefits include;

– The digestive enzymes aid in the digestion of proteins and fat thus making digestion of food smoother.

– Aids in weight loss and reduces food cravings.

– It boosts functioning of the liver as the antioxidant properties aid the liver in repairing itself. It also aids the liver to detoxify the body of toxins.

– It improves the health of body organs and tissues. This is possible due to the antioxidant properties which boost cell reproduction. The antioxidant properties also help in fighting free radicals which are the cause of serious diseases such as cancer.

– Repairs the skin and restores its elasticity. It also treats skin disorders such as eczema.- Increases energy in the body.

– Boosts the immune system

How To Consume It

The supplement is in powder form so you will be required to mix it with a liquid. To fully benefit, follow the steps below.

– Take one level scoop of the supplement and put it in a glass or plastic cup. The supplement comes with a scooping object.

– If you use a full scoop of the supplement, use 250ml (8oz) of water into the cup.

– After you pour in the water, stir the mixture. Not all the ingredients will dissolve.

– Drink the mixture immediately. If you prefer to drink it slowly, make sure you stir the mixture if the ingredients settle in the cup/glass.

You can drink the mixture at any time of the day, preferably 30 minutes after a meal. However, for best results, take it in the money so that your energy is boosted throughout the day thus helping you go about your normal activities without getting overly exhausted.

Side Effects

The supplement is made of organic products so you should not expect any serious side effects. The supplement is completely safe for adults to use. However, if you have a serious medical condition or you are pregnant, do not use the supplement until your doctor approves of it. Some herbal ingredients may interfere with medication for high blood pressure and other diseases so it would be better if your doctor advised you on how to take the product if he/she approves of it.

Why Should You Use It?

The supplement is free from chemicals which cause the body further harm. In addition to this, you get several benefits all in one product which will help you live a better life in terms of health. Why wait to enjoy this amazing miraculous product? Get it today to feel younger, more energized and most importantly a good immune system which means fewer visits to the doctor. You can purchase the product in various online stores.

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Green Supreme Food

This powder will improve your energy, boost your immune system, and detoxify your body of unwanted toxins.

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